As this webpage is being developed to prepare for the next 4-5 months battle against Veolia in North London following NLWA announcement on 28 Nov 2012 to extend its procurement timetable, today WE RECIEVED A FANTASTIC VICTORY NEWS!

WE WON IT!!! After mounting of strong opposition from NO2VAG, NLWA today (21 Dec 2012) announced Veolia has withdrawn from its bid for both Waste Services and Fuel Use contracts worth £4.7 Billion!

We thank all the campaigners and supporters who have been working with us since the beginning of the campaign. 

The statement from NLWA:

The North London Waste Authority has received notification from Veolia Environmental Services that they will not be submitting final tenders for either NLWA’s waste services or fuel use contracts.

Veolia had been shortlisted for both contracts and, in withdrawing, Veolia has confirmed that the decision has no bearing on the quality and integrity of the projects. NLWA is now to pursue dialogue on final tenders with only FCC/Skanska for its waste services contract, which is to provide sustainable waste disposal services for north London in the long term, and with only E.On/Wheelabrator for its fuel use contract, it was announced today (21 December).

NLWA is now following published Government guidance on managing a premature ending of a competitive process. This guidance makes clear that NLWA should consider the strength and quality of the remaining bid for each contract, consider the extent to which the competition up to that stage has been effective, and consider whether value for money can be demonstrated with only one bidder for each contract.

NLWA is now at quite an advanced stage of a procurement process for a new waste services contract. The waste flow model tonnage projections have been updated at key stages of the procurement process using the latest available audited data to account for recent waste trends. While new mechanical and biological waste treatment (MBT) facilities at both its Pinkham Way and Edmonton sites had originally been proposed, it now seems likely that plans for MBT facilities will be taken forward at only one site. Subject to a successful planning application for new facilities at Edmonton, it is likely that plans for MBT facilities at Pinkham Way will not need to be taken forward, but this will become clearer in due course.

NLWA has therefore announced plans to withdraw its outstanding outline planning application for a Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT) plant at the Pinkham Way site.

The Pinkham Way site remains relevant to NLWA’s service requirements in terms of a delivery, sorting and transfer point for recyclable material and other waste that is collected from local households. Details relating to the future use of the site will depend on the letting of NLWA’s waste services contract and will, at the appropriate time, be subject to local consultation and planning processes.

Councillor Clyde Loakes, Chair of North London Waste Authority, said:

“Although it is disappointing that we will not receive competitive bids, we will now work with remaining bidders and undertake work ourselves to ensure that we are still able to deliver long term, sustainable services that are the best possible in both quality and cost terms, and that value for money is delivered for tax payers.

“I hope today’s announcement on the future use of the Pinkham Way site will provide some further clarity and certainty for local people. They now know that subject to a successful planning application at the existing Edmonton site, there should be no residual waste treatment at Pinkham Way.”


An excellent report from Electronic Intifida covering the news:

Amid stiffening opposition, Israel occupation profiteer Veolia has withdrawn its bid for a major contract in London in the final stages of the process.

“The North London Waste Authority has received notification from Veolia Environmental Services that they will not be submitting final tenders for either NLWA’s waste services or fuel use contracts,” said a 21 December statement from the body responsible for waste management for seven local authorities in the UK capital.

The statement confirmed that “Veolia had been shortlisted for both contracts.”

The annoucement came after mounting opposition to the bid, spearheaded by the No to Veolia Action Group.

In November, Richard Falk, the UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the occupied Palestinian territories, wrote to NLWA to urge them not to award the multi-billion pound contracts to Veolia “due to its deep and ongoing complicity with Israeli violations of international law.” He warned NLWA that “to provide access to public funds to Veolia may contravene the UK’s international legal obligation not to facilitate Israeli violations of international law.”

Veolia and its various subsidiaries are involved in a number of Israeli projects supporting illegal settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories including the Jerusalem Light Railand Tovlan landfill.

Falk’s intervention garnered significant local media attention which culminated in criticism of Hackney Council, one of authorities served by NLWA, for blocking a member of No to Veolia Action Group from addressing one of its meetings. Israel lobby groups later boasted publicly about their behind-the-scenes role in blocking the hearing.

Being effectively forced out of the London bid is the latest setback for the beleaguered multinational occupation profiteer, which has been denied contracts in several European cities in the wake of campaigns by Palestine solidarity activists.

In what may be a North American first, the city of St. Louis City, Missouri this week declined to approve a contract with Veolia pending an investigation into the company’s activities after a campaign by the St. Louis Palestine Solidarity Committee. Local public radio reported that the decision was prompted by “concerns about the company’s human rights practices and financial condition.”



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