Yael Kahn: This waste disposal solution is the worst possible for environment

A letter from Yael Kahn to Islington Tribune.

COUNCILLOR Clyde Loakes, as chair of North London Waste Authority (NLWA),  attempts to be “helpful” about plans for dealing with waste from north London but mainly rubbishes residents’ attempts to fully understand the process (Letters, November 16).

He obfuscates and himself adds further confusion. He disguises the facts that the NLWA plans are the same old rubbish incineration, only brought up to date with some improved recycling and additional processing.

He fails to acknowledge that mitigation is not elimination, so fume and particulate will be belched out across the countryside close by London, to be breathed in by Londoners and many others up to 10 kilometres away from the incinerator, with Veolia’s solution being the worst for the environment.

NLWA is therefore not moving towards “newer methods of waste disposal” but continuing with the same old ways but on a gargantuan scale.

Pressure continues to mount on NLWA and its shortlisting of Veolia for these £4.7billion contracts. A few days ago, Cllr Loakes and the Islington members of NLWA, as well as Islington Council leader Catherine West, received a letter from the UN High Commission for Human Rights urging NLWA not to select Veolia for public contracts due to its active participation in Israel’s grave violations of international law.

In the week that has seen the relentless Israeli bombardment of Gaza, wreaking death and destruction, including on our friends in Yibna refugee camp, the council and NLWA should know that if they choose to select a company complicit with Israeli crimes it would send a signal to Israel that the international community condones its crimes against civilians in Gaza.

Islington and NLWA should decide to exercise their legal obligation under the 2006 Regulation and listen to the call from the UN official to refuse to be a party to signing up to a company like Veolia.



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